About Us

At LYF101, you will be supported, educated, and celebrated as you go through your own version of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission: We believe that healthy living is more than just physical. Mental conditioning, goal setting, habitual living, and emotional strength all play a huge role in changing yourself. These are some of the ways to create long lasting changes.

Our Story

Through 7 years of experience and schooling, LYF101 has come up with a holistic approach to healthy living. Moving pain free and eating properly helps immensely, but there are definitely other pieces to the puzzle. Through trial and error, failure and success. This recipe is not something that was created from thin air, but a culmination of ideas and studies that the fitness industry knows as a whole. Sprinkled with mental aspects to give you the edge you need to succeed, all in a neat and tidy easy to follow package.

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